What you should look before buying a New Hyundai Car in India???

My family was excited about buying a nice new car, but the dealership short-lived our excitement as they had given us the most dreadful experience provided by Hyundai Dealership.

We have two cars from Honda (City & Jazz) and our experience with them was great from the sales to car services, maybe that’s why my family inclined towards the new Civic.

Me and my parents went to Courtesy Honda showroom in Wazirpur, once again we got a pleasant response from the sale representative as we had accumulated ten years past when we bought a City from the same showroom. Me and my father took a test drive of the vehicle, and we love the way the car drove in a city condition like Delhi. As my parents are senior citizens, we speculated that the back seat is lower for entering and exit for an older person. And then we decided to get a purchase a mid-size Suv which can be in our budget.

After some days, my father caught his eyes on Creta 2020 and decided to take a test drive from the nearby showroom. My father wanted to experience the automatic variant, so we decided to look for an SX Optional variant. Firstly, we visited Hemkund Hyundai, Wazirpur, and to our surprise, they don’t even have SX Optional for display, and when we asked for the test drive, they said that Hyundai is not providing test drive vehicle to any of the dealerships in or around Delhi. After that, I called Pahwa Hyundai, Shakti Nagar, asking if they have the same variant for a test drive or at the display, and they told me that they don’t have a car for a test drive but can provide a display car. We visited the dealership and saw the variant. I asked them why they are not providing the test drive vehicle as anyone purchasing a car whose price range is between 15–20 Lacs would want a test drive. The salesperson told me the same thing that the previous dealership had already told me. On the next day, I searched the internet for the customer support number of Hyundai and eventually got an Email ID. I gave a written complaint to the Hyundai, and after two days, I got a call from the Pahwa Hyundai that the test drive vehicle has arrived, and they are ready to give me a test drive at my place. I thought the complaint had worked for me.

The next day the salesperson (Mr. Sachin) arrived at my place with the test drive vehicle. I liked the CVT engine, and my family was ready to book the car. We asked about the waiting period, and Mr. Sachin told me they could give delivery in November. I asked them to deliver it on the 20th November 2020, and he asked his superior and confirmed to me. I paid them the booking amount of Rs.45000, and I thought this would be the end of my misery with the Hyundai dealership, but it was just a beginning.

The waiting period was almost two months as I had booked it on 18th September 2020 and getting delivery on 20th November 2020. As an average human being waiting period is so annoying, but I didn’t trouble the dealership like many would have done. I only called once in October mid to confirm my purchase, and Mr. Sachin told me that don’t worry, delivery will be on time, so I was in the peace of mind that the service provided by the Hyundai dealership is not that bad, which I had experienced on my first day. But my dream was short-lived, as when I called them back on November 1st week, they told me that they would provide me a valid date within a few days. I waited for a couple of days, and my conscience told me that dealership wouldn’t bother to deliver the car if I don’t question them regularly. But all my efforts go in vain as the salesperson didn’t respond to my query. I feel I should involve Hyundai support staff, but when I complained to the customer care number, did you know the funny part, my complaint is redirected to the dealership, which is not giving proper response. After calling them back-to-back for few days, they sent me a mail that they will deliver the car by the end of December as there is a shortage of vehicles from the Hyundai side, and only two cars are provided to every dealership. After that, I hold back my feelings for the car, but now, I am not excited but displeased.

Apparently, December came, and I started calling Mr. Sachin once again, and he finally told me after my few attempts that he had placed my order to Hyundai. So, I thought there wouldn’t be any delay in the delivery. In a few days, but as my first experience was awful, my Hyundai experience became more disgusting. I tried calling customer care, and they redirect me to the dealership, and now the dealership is telling me that they don’t know when they can provide my booking. I feel sorry that I trusted a Korean company that is giving me a miserable experience due to their dealership. I am only one person who has written this article, and I know there are many more like me who all are suffering from your bad conduct. I am still waiting for the proper response from Hyundai India.

In the end, I had a few questions for Hyundai, and if any Hyundai official is reading this, It will be delightful for me to get answers.

1.)If you cannot provide a car on time for the customer, why don’t you close your booking?

2.)How can there be different waiting periods from another dealership in the same city?

3.)If your dealership delays delivery time, what is the repercussion for them?

4.)Why don’t you offer interest in booking amount if your side delays the delivery?